Imported Swine Flu Vaccine to hit India in February

Swine Flu Virus so far has infected 28,000 people, and has been the reason for around 1,100 deaths in India.

According to the sources the vaccine for Swine Flu will be available in India by the third week of February, and the cost of this vaccine will be somewhere around Rs. 300.

Drug Controller General of India S Singh said, “The French pharma company Sanofi Pasteur is at least 15 days ahead of others. The vaccine from this company will be available in India by the third week of February.”

“We are developing the swine flu vaccine which will form the base for immunising other influenzas like bird flu as well.” said the Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad.

Initially these vials of vaccine will be available only for high risk group of medical practitioners and the indigenously developed vaccine will be available in India by April.

Source iGovernment

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