India Google maps knows that Landmarks rule the Indian roads

Looks like finally after gathering a good deal of Information from users in India on how Indians understand the road, Google maps for India has become more Indian. In India we navigate or reach places based on landmarks why ? Well sad but Indian roads do not have a proper design of signs of streets and road names which can get you places easily. Instead we ask for hints and major for landmarks which can take us to places.

For example we  look out for famous shops or buildings which can be identified easily from others. So when a new friend of mine wants to get to my office in Kolkata I would ask him to locate Tea Board when he reaches brobone road and then look for black building with name of Keshojee Chambers and not telling him an address which doesn’t sound a bell.

India Google maps now work like this and here are few examples :

Google maps india

Google maps india

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