India Marks : Hands on Guides on Indian aspects

Looking for things in India and want an experience person to  help you out in that, India marks is just the place you might be looking forward to.

India marks is a people driven site where community members share their real time experience on travel, business, food, Movies, and many more which makes it a perfect guide. Since the data is based on experience rather than taken from surveys or statistics it makes more sense.

Indian Guide to almost anything

Indian Guide to almost anything

Right from what rocks in Goa to best places in India, The community at Indi marks has got it all and they have in fact developed a collection of guide, India Guide which can take you anywhere, show you what is in India and find best bargains and deals for you.

In fact for people who travel to India from abroad can make use of this site to find in depth details and get the accurate reflection of places and things they would have rather missed going on their own. Also it makes you smarter and you don’t end up in paying extra amount of money to guides and others. 

So if you are looking for something In India , India Marks is a good place to start with. Check out India Marks.

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