India to have Vulture safe zones to save the endangered species

Vultures are one of the endangered species, a huge decrease has been observed in numbers of Vultures in the country. The reason behind this decrease is supposed to be the drug known as Diclofenac. Diclofenac is a popular veterinary drug used in treatment of domestic livestock. Vultures consuming the carcasses (dead bodies) of the animals which have been treated with Diclofenac, later become the victim of kidney failure and die within a day.

Save Vultures by making Vulture Safe Zones

Keeping this in mind, Vulture Safe Zones are proposed in India, where the use of Diclofenac will be banned. This decision was taken during a meeting held at Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History, which was attended by people from Health Ministry, Agriculture Ministry, State Forest Departments, and scientists from Bombay Natural History Society.

Also, the use of alternative drug, known as Meloxicam will be encouraged by making it available on subsidized rates.

A proposal to create vulture sanctuary between Bangalore and Mysore in Ramnagaram district has also been made by the State forest departments.

Vultures are an important part of our ecosystem, if we fail to save them we might have to face severe ill effects of this, hence let us contribute to it, and if you have a domestic livestock, try never to use the Diclofenac to treat them.


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