India Wood Crafts: Online store for buying Indian Wooden handicrafts

Indian Handicrafts and Woodcraft are known since ages for its beauty and uniqueness. The best way to buy is get down to the place but that’s not possible all the time for everybody.

Indian Wood Crafts, An online store lets you explore, find and buy from their latest collection of Woodcraft.  Their collection majorly covers Wooden Animal, Wooden Chess Set, Wooden Colour, Wooden Figure, and Wooden Utility.

Here are some of their collections which I found pretty nice.

Elephant Woodcraft:

Woodcraft Elephants

Woodcraft Elephants


Life like Wooden Chess board:

Woodcraft chess set

Woodcraft chess set

Ganesha Woodcraft

Woodcraft ganesha

Woodcraft ganesha

Once you click any of the items, you are interested in; it gives you more detail on the product. The product detail contains dimensions of all the products, in terms of height, weight, length and width, are listed clearly with price tag

Wodden Iterm details

Wooden Iterm details

Clicking on the image in the product details lets you view the image in bigger size. This will give you feel of the seeing the product itself live!!.

The next step would be to send an enquiry for the product.  Since the price tag is listed in USD, this is very convenient for people why buy from other countries. The enquiry will take you to the contact form where you will need to add your details and the product number along with it.

After this you can discuss them on emails and get the product you like at your home.  These kinds of woodcrafts and handicrafts make a perfect gift. If you have an Indian friend in other country or even a friend in us who is very fond of Indian tradition, you can always have one ordered from here and sent to the person.

What Impressed me of this site was the about page.  Very clear on what they do and includes their location which is Jaipur. The address and Phone number is mentioned in their contact page. So if you would like to have a word with them on the whole process go ahead with that.

How woodcraft is made

How woodcraft is made

So if you are looking to buy Indian Woodcraft,  India Wood Crafts is one good place to start with. Make usre you check all details and talk to them personally on mail or phone about rates, procesure etc.

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