Indian Bhut Jolokia, no more the hottest chili in World

Bhut Jolokia

Indian Army’s Chili Grenade was in news recently, and according to several sources Bhut Jolokia (the rare chilies found in Assam, in north-east India) is the hottest chili with the hotness level measured to be 1,040,000 Scoville heat units.

However, the Infinity Chili has superseded the top rank of Bhut Jolokia, with the hotness level of 1,067,286 Scoville heat units, according to tests conducted by the Warwick University.

‘Infinity chili’ bred in the historic market town of Grantham, Lincolnshire, and the name infinity is derived from the fact that the person who eats these chilies can’t overcome its effect, and might need to be hospitalized for the treatment of burns and blisters caused by eating the Infinity Chili.

Infinity Chili

However, no issues for Indian Army, and the Chili Grenades, the Bhut Jolokia Grenades are still useful, and can effectively accomplish the task for which they are designed.

Via Indian Express


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