Indian Government Online Portal Helps You Find Your Missing Child

With the nation going online and increase in the number of internet users with each passing days, GOI is also leaving no stones unturned in digitizing India. Ministry of Women and Child Development on 2nd June, 2015 launched a web portal named Khoya-Paya to exchange information on missing and found children. Such interactive platform was long-awaited which would provide easy and simple medium to receive and provide information on missing and found children.

There is one more portal named Track Child for the same cause. But, it is a limited portal since only police communicates with the police and not everybody can take part in it. Khoya-Paya is a portal that removes the constraints of Track Child.

Khoya Paya Indian Government Portal

Khoya Paya portal has four options to choose from as stated below:

  • Log in/ Register
  • I have sighted a child
  • My child is missing
  • Search a missing child

To use the Khoya-Paya portal one needs to register on the first. The information of the missing or found child can be shared through texts, photographs, videos etc. This information will then be shared on a real time basis with the police and state authorities who will be investigating the matter.

The portal also has a dashboard that has information about total number of Registered Users (2962 as on 07.08.2015) and total number of children:

  • missing today (0 as on 07.08.2015)
  • missing total (477 as on 07.08.2015)
  • sighting today (2 as on 07.08.2015)
  • sighting total (1132 as on 07.08.2015)

The most important and commendable thing is that GOI has also included a column for the transgender along with Girls and Boys columns in the dashboard information. However, no case of missing of a transgender child has been reported till date (as on 07.08.2015).

The portal also has a message stating that it is mandatory for the police to register FIR in case of missing child. In other words, use of this portal is secondary to the lodging of FIR with the police.

When to use Khoya-Paya portal?

When a child goes missing then the parents/ relatives should:

  • First, dial 100 for police or 1098 for CHILDLINE.
  • Then, go to the police station and register an FIR.
  • After that, upload the information of the child on the Khoya-Paya and other similar portals.
  • You may also upload the information when the child is found.

With Khoya-Paya, portal the process of finding a missing child can be simple and fast. Most importantly, internet connects us to unlimited number of persons residing in different corners of the world. So, the probability of finding, locating or getting any information on missing child becomes very high.

Children are the integral part of our lives. When we can’t tolerate even the tiniest of scratch on their bodies then its unimaginable how those parents survive when their child goes missing. The very thought is traumatic! So, we should congratulate GOI and welcome its move with open arms by spreading more and more awareness about the Khoya-Paya portal and by making use of the portal whenever required.

Editors Note : This post was submitted by Vishal Mishra. 

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