Indian Railway Budget : Things you should know

Indian Railway Minister, Mamta Banerjee, has laid down a special concession for the cancer patients and film technicians in this railway budget. Cancer patients going for treatment or checkups will now enjoy 100% concession in third AC. In first and second  AC the concession remains unchanged to 50%. This is inclusive of any family member going with the patient.

Film industry technicians be eligible for 75% concession in second sleeper and 50% in higher classes in all trains. The eligibility will be only while traveling for moving for film production-related work.

The announcement is really helpful for both the categories. The cancer patients need to move for periodic check ups and treatments. It will be a big relief if they get this concession. Every year nearly 10 lakh new cancer patients are diagnosed. And as the survey says almost half of them come from UP, Bihar, North East, WB, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. Theses patients have to travel either to Delhi, Mumbai or to south due to non availability of proper treatments in the respective states.

A move taken by the rail minister for the film industry technicians will definitely add to the prospectus of the film industry. At least 70-80 crew members have to travel on train on making of a movie. And every film maker will look forward in cutting down his/her budget.

The cost in cult in both the categories discussed above is huge. For film makers one can say that if the film is good the maker is always on profit. But what about the cancer patients? They are loser in any way. They fight for their life and less of them can really afford the treatment of this dreadful disease.

And here is few more highlights you should know :

  • There is no fare hike for any class .
  • Women Police will be introduced into RPF. This will be helpful for woment travelling alone and cut nonsense by passengers.
  • There are E ticketing zone to be opened near universities, IIT,Villages i.e. areas where either we have more public or where railways are failing to reach. This is on same line like Mushkil Assan service, Mobile Railway Ticketing Vans
  • ‘Bharat Teertha’, i.e. India Pilgrims, Many trains will be started to connect many pilgrimage places in India.This will not only boon Indian travellers but also boost up Tourism as many foreigners seek to travel these places and this will get more revenue for India.


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