Indian Rickshaw’s are getting better

Believe it or not but yes the Indian Riskshaw pullers are going to get redesigned and smart with Mr Irfan’s, Rickshaw Man, effort to make their life better. Irfan redesigned the rickshaw with shelves that can stock mineral water, soft drinks, newspaper and other small items which the customer might like to have during the journey. This way the drivers can make some good money and customer gets an uninterrupted travel. I can imagine these rickshaws dwelling around Victoria Memorial in Kolkata and enjoying a cold drink on it. 

Irfan Alam with the New Rickshaw

Irfan Alam with the New Rickshaw

Money is alos generated by displaying ads on the back of the Rickshaw half of which is shared with the Rickshaw pullers and half goes to Samman Foundation which Irfan founded in Patna in 2007. Yes Irfan in India based IIM graduate and one of the 79 Unique Enterpruners invited by Obama, President US, around the world. His Organization in India helps rickshaw pullers in India, specifically in Delhi, Haryana, MP, Rajasthan and Jharkhand.

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  1. samrt idea…. these rickshaws should also come in Kolkata. it will help Kolkata to grow.

  2. This should get in Kol soon. I wasnt able to find the info of Irfan else would have droppd a request email

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