Indian Rupee to get a new unique symbol

It was February 2009, when Ministry of Finance invited the Indian residents to participate in a competition to design the symbol for the Indian Rupee.

Like we all know that the currencies like Dollar, Euro, and Yen etc. have their own symbols, now Indian Rupee too will have its own symbol.

Ministry of Finance has shortlisted 5 designs given by the participants of the competition, which are shown below.

Shortlisted designs for the Indian Rupee symbol

The final results for this competition are to be announced today, all the five designs are simple and pretty easy to write.

Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India, H.R. Khan said, “Every currency has a symbol so we thought that the Indian currency should also have a symbol. It is more of a symbolic value because we are an emerging power and most countries have some symbol with acts as an identification for the currency worldwide.”

So get ready to get a new symbol for our Indian Rupee.

Source News Center



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