Indian to build Satellite Killers

I had alwayas seen it on Cartoons and sci fi movies where contries used to break communications by destroying eash other’s satellite or by using Satellite focusing power to redirect solar energy to heat up earth and it Seems like something similar is coming out soon. 

India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) will be developing technologies that will help Indian to secure itself from threats that might come from Man made satellite itself and they call it as anti-satellite technology. 

India satellite killer

India satellite killer


According to  Dr. Saraswat ( Scientific Adviser to Defence Minister, AK Antony) 

We have the building blocks. What is needed is technology to track the movements of enemy satellites, for instance before making a kinetic kill. We are trying to build a credible deterrence capability. Many of these technologies may never be used 

This will include : 

  • Protection of satellites which is required when the enemy attacks our satellites.
  • Communication and navigation systems should be futurustic to be one step ahead.
  • and denying the enemy the use of his own space systems.

Watch a more detailed video here. 


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