Innovation that keeps up with you in every weather

ClimaCon,Thats what Kranthi Vistakula named the technology that is behind a  jacket, helmet and even a neck cover which can keep your body temperature between 18 to 40 anytime, any place and in any weather you want.  Kranthi, who now runs Dhama Innovations,  got this idea because of his personal fight with cold while he was studying at MIT at Boston and now this technology is already patented and the prototype was a winner at MIT entrepreneurship and won a $1000 Cash award.

Dhama Innovations
Dhama Innovations
Winner at Intel DST Award 2008
Winner at Intel DST Award 2008

How does it work ?

In brief every product has battery inside it which stands from 3 hours to 8 hours depending on the product. The temperature can be controlled by the user. For example the jacket has around 20 cooling  and heating points which we designed such that no wires flow around. In fact the way the battery is placed is not noticable easily.

Here is a CNBC Interview of Karanthi

The best usage of this product can be on expeditions, military, extreme conditions and any place where weather prevents on to continue his or her work. We are not yet sure of what the pricing could because the product isn’t targeting customers like you or me but probably will get into defense and larger demanding market which then can be later be mass-produced to make it affordable to regular customers.


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