Free Download Zoozoo IPL Widget to get IPL updates instantly

Zoozoo is back with IPL, full new series of lovely ads can be seen, however if you ask me I think the older series seen during last IPLs was better and more funny, what say? If you don’t agree with me on this, try downloading some of them.

Well, now this small funny character has come with something more interesting, you can get the Zoozoo IPL widget; install it on your system to get instant IPL updates.

Have a look at this animation below –

Zoozoo IPL Widget

Yes, Zoozoo cries, when the wickets go down, and dances with every sixes and fours. It also provides several links to watch Zoozoo ads, Facebook page, buy IPL Tickets and much more, also you can click on the score (marquee) to see the detailed score.

When there is no match going on, it keeps you updated with IPL news.

So, go ahead and grab this widget now, you must try it, you will love seeing him dancing around on your desktop.

Download Zoozoo IPL Widget.

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