Instantly find Blood donors in India

Emergency blood requirement is something we all have faced at some point of time; let it be for a relative, for a friend or for self. The problem which is often faced is either the blood isn’t available for the particular group, or at times the chances are bright, that the blood you are getting is not good enough for transfusion.

Here are two online resources, which can help; these websites are a platform for bridging the gap between the donors and recipients for blood. No registration fees, is required, both are ad supported services.

India Blood :

India Blood Bank
India Blood Bank

Here you can register as donor by providing your area and blood group details, also one can search for donors in any area/city.

Blood Banks can also be registered. Other useful information like Why Donate Blood, Who Can/Can’t Donate Blood can also be found here.

Indian Blood

This too is a service on same lines like India Blood, donors can sign-up so that they can be contacted when the blood of their blood group is required.

Indian Blood Donors
Indian Blood Donors

In order to contact a donor, you can send a SMS from your phone, the number at which SMS is to be sent is available under the ‘Contact Donors’ tab.

If you know of other such resources, share with us via comments. Also don’t forget to sign up as donor on both the resources, so that you can help, after all, blood donation is known as one of the greatest donations ever,

रख्त दान – महादान !!



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