Entertainment tax levied on IPL ( One-day international and T20 matches )

Indian Premier League (IPL) season 4 and onwards, international one-day matches and T20 matches will be charged and entertainment tax in Maharashtra.Entertainment Tax on IPL, One-Day International and T20 Cricket Matches

Maharashtra Government has imposed this rule keeping the huge popularity and commercialization of cricket in India.

The government resolution issued by Maharashtra Government on June 14, clearly states that all kinds of one-day cricket from Indian Premier League (IPL) matches and T20 matches will be charged an entertainment tax now on, however the international test matches are kept out of this.

According to this decision, the matches played in cities like Mumbai and Pune will be charged 25 per cent of ticket sales as tax, while those in smaller towns will be charged 15 to 20 per cent tax.

In my opinion this a nice step, this can really help the Governments is states to increase the revenue, however it will be a pain for the Cricket fans to pay more for a stadium visit, but overall this sounds worth. Other states also should bring such a tax in action now.

What do you think, is it a good idea to impose Entertainment Tax on Cricket Matches? Share your views via comments.


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