IREPS Official Website exists ( Indian Railways E-Procurement System ) and they are looking for feedback

Today One of my Uncle received an email about launch of the Official website of IREPS or the Indian Railway E-Procurement System which has been setup at BlogSpot. Though its being said its newly launched but the blog has been there for a while with couple of posts published as updates.

The blog must have been established to increase the user engagement and in turn get some feedback from the current users and address users will issues on the procurement system.

Looking at it, it seems novice and most probably the guys behind it have long way to make it look professional. In fact a twitter and Facebook account would have done a better job for them.

For IREPS users, the best would be to subscribe via email and give them feed back via comments, I am sure a bit of appreciation will be a lot of encouragement to them. If you are not very happy with the current system which could be OS compatibility or even the browser issues, this is a good place to start with.

Below is what the email said :

Dear User,

We have launched a blog ‘’ for Indian Railway E-Procurement System which is dedicated to IREPS users.

Here you can find:

  • Every news and updates related to
  • Every news and updates related to e-tendering and e-auction.

You can post your comments on this blog if you:

  • have any query related to e-tendering or e-auction are facing any problem in e-tendering or e-auction process
  • have any feedback/suggestion for improvement of IREPS website and this blog

Now, post your query/problem/feedback/suggestion as a comment on relevent topics on this blog.We will resolve your issue(s) as soon as possible.

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