Keep same mobile number on International Roaming

Many of us hate receiving calls when we are out of city or country because of the roaming charges we need to pay. What  most of us do is call back the person and save some money if possible. However when you are on international roaming calling back isnt feasible  either.  Another problem that users face is to change of number everytime you visit a different country.

Airtel recently introduced a perfect solution for the international travellers with a new feature they call as World pre paid  sim which can be used in the residential country as well as the foreign country. This will allow you to receive incoming calls and make out going calls only from your Indian Airtel number to across the world ( 150 countries) and still save your 85% on your international calls roaming.  As of now this sim is available only in Delhi and NCR.

Please note : Airtel World Sim is another sim which you need to buy. It is not on the sim which you are using in India. However when you switch the number is connected to your World sim and hence you will have the same number.

Airtel World Sim
Airtel World Sim

Activating this feature on your sim is as easy as sending a SMS. Please read the complete details here. 

  • What is important here is you should activate this feature just before you leave because once this sim is activated, your number is dis connected from the sim which you use in India.  Also it is possible to set a time to activate your Airtel World Sim at any particular time but on the same day.
  • Once you reach a particular country just On, arrival to the destination country inserts your Airtel world sim card in your mobile. Select the country profile the sim card will start working.
  • For the use-To make the Outgoing calls dial the country code followed by the number of your choice and wait for 20-30 seconds.You will get a ring back now the number is connected.

Required documents :

  1. Pass port size photograph
  2. Photocopy of passport
  3. Photocopy of visa
  4. Local Address proof-Ration card, driving licence,  electric bill,  telephone bill.


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