Keep your heart healty by doing simple exercises !

Physical inactivity is linked to about one-fourth of death from major chronic diseases. It is more prevalent among women than man.Today the life style of the people is one of the top reason for the heart diseases. Are you conscious about your heart? Let me explain something about your heart.

Why do we need exercise :

RunningExercise strengthens our muscles and keeps up the mobility of our joints, helps lungs to work smoothly and  improves blood circulation. This in turn helps to control blood sugar, weight, prevent constipation, relieve stress, and make your sleep better. This ultimately keeps most of the diseases away from the heart and it pumps without any issues.

What type of exercise should one do :

What exercise means is  physical activity. It is not necessary to take up a sport or lengthy exercise. The first step is to walk for 30 minutes in the course of one day. Aerobics,exercise such as brisk walking, swimming, cycling etc are very good are also very good.Just do those exercises which are comfortable for you.Don’t exceed the limit.

How much of daily exercise one should do:

You yourself will be able to make out the right intensity of the physical activity. Put in a fair amount of effort so that your breathing becomes faster than normal, but not so faster that you become gasping for breathe.You should always be able to talk easily during the exercise. Your pulse rate will be faster and you should be a bit sweaty. Try to do your activity almost everyday in the week. At least 30 minutes of daily activity is must, but the more you can do the better it will be.

Check out Exercises for back ache and If you are sitting on chair for long hours here is another tip.

Some safety tips for those who wishing to start exercises:

  • Aim building up your activity gradually over the time.
  • Avoid heavy exercises after meals.
  • Keep to well lit-areas
  • Before doing any exercise you have to warm up

So what are you thinking? Start heart exercises from today and keep your heart healthy.

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