Kerala Houseboat Review – Tips before you start

Kerala is one of the most  beautiful city which I have ever seen. Its  Beauty, Ayurvedic treatment, different forms of performing art, its Historical  and cultural monuments, its back water and its wild life make it quite different from other states of India.

I had the opportunity to experience the beauty of back water and wondrous experience of House boat in Kerala. So today, I want to discuss my experience with you all and some of the fact that you should know before going to house boat.

Alleppey and its back water are one of the most popular tourist spots in Kerala. Even though its around 140 years old,  It is an ideal place to picnic with family.

Allepy Houseboat

About House Boat:

House Boat has all the luxury services and comforts of a good hotel including furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, cozy living rooms, a kitchen and even a balcony for relaxing and enjoying the back water.

There is a team of three people always on board along with your family. The first one is the captain who takes the boat around the backwater and shows different things and natural beauty. The second person is the cook who will get your food on time and third person helps both captain and cook for many things.

Once you leave the shore, the houseboat roams around the backwater and there are no shops or land to get down. So it is vital to carry everything you will need, so you do not have to curse yourself  later. So here are the facts that you should understand before the trip.


Houseboat Top Portion


Reaching Time: Try to check in before 12 at noon in the Houseboat boat because after  sunset the house boat is stationed and parked.  The reason behind are the fisherman who start laying the fishing net which is only collected back in the morning.

So if, you want to  spend more time in the back water and experience  the real beauty of back water, check in the houseboat as soon as possible.

Household items: You may need some household items such as medicine kits, good night machine or coil, detergent powder, sun glasses, sunscreen, sun hat etc.

One of the most notable thing that you should take is torch. Torch will be required as the houseboat will be park in the dark place, and there will be no power facility outside the house boat.

Food items: Plan your meal before starting the house boat. Once the house boat will be start you will unable to purchase any fruits or groceries.

So its better to take along some of the food items that you may want to ask the cook to prepare for you. Remember these are apart from whatever  is already ordered with the kitchen.

Indoor Games: Try to get some indoor games like Ludo, chess, Chinese checkers, cards, books  etc.  You can enjoy these indoor activities during the evening hours. I am sure it will be  fun. However, Carom will be provided in the house boat itself.

Generator Facility:  The houseboat when roaming around the backwater uses generator to keep the lights and fans in running state.  So if you wish to take a nap during day time with AC turned on, it wont be possible.

However, when the boat is parked, it is connected to a Power Supply all night making sure  that you can use AC, Fans, Music System, TV etc. In our experience we saw some voltage fluctuation in house boat during the night hours but it was pretty less.

Clothes: Warm clothing for the evening. It can become quite cool on the lake any time of year. Days are quite bright and don’t need woollen clothes in day but in night you certainly need some woollen clothes. Try to bring water proof bags or can take zip lock container as they can be used for wet clothes.

Here are some of the things that will provided by the houseboat.

  1. Pots
  2. Pans
  3. Dishes, glassware
  4. Flatware, cooking utensils
  5. Dish soap, sponges and dish towels
  6. Sheets, pillows, blankets
  7. Bath towels

We have enjoyed a lot, so enjoy your trip and share your experience with us!! Have a great journey.

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  1. So nice review about Kerala Houseboat. Got the nice information kerala houseboat. Actually I am going the kerala next month and I want the more information about the kerala’s places. after your review reading I got the nice information and I am satisfying for this information. Thanx for share this.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. I need some Houseboat Dealers In Kerala. I am going to visit next month, so if possible tell me.

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