KMC Schools In Pathetic Situation

While going through the newspaper early morning my eyes got stuck in one article. It discussed about the situation of the worst condition of the KMC ( Kolkata Municipal Corporation ) schools. The survey shows that in comparison from 2005 to 2010 there has been only 6000 increase in the number of students’ enrolment. In spite of providing mid day meals, an initiated taken by the KMC there have been no improvement. 

Not only students but the number of teachers in these KMC School is at a pathetic scenario. Total sanctioned post for all categories of teachers in these KMC schools is 1651. Out of which 882 posts are lying vacant – almost 50%. That doesn’t surprises me looking at the number of students in theses KMC Schools. Even the number of posts for headmaster is lying vacant. Out of 239 posts 135 seats are lying vacant 

KMC has started there primary schools imparting education till class V. I addition to mid day meal they are also providing free education with free text books to the children coming to school. But still they are not able to attract more children to these schools.

What could be the reason? Is the teachers being recruited in these KMC schools are not up to the mark? Is the standard of the education or rather the system is not working on the right and desired direction? Is KMC taking any step to increase the awareness among the common mass to encourage them to send their children to these schools? Or is there any political issue that we don’t need to discuss here? Questions are many and doubts are increasing but whom to ask?? Who is the person who can really answer these questions?


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