Kolkata Kinght Riders to get Purple

With early exists from the tournament last IPL, SRK seems trying the luck of the team by changing the colour of the Knight Rider’s jersey.  The most popular team, Kolkata Knight Riders this time might be seen in purple. Many of the sponsors might have started working on team merchandise but they all will need to make over if purple is the colour. Kolkata Knight Riders has the most of the big sponsors in their list Nokia, Coca-Cola’s Sprite, Reebok, and Wrigley to name a few.

IPL Kinght Riders

IPL Kinght Riders

But what is needed is the team to perform on the grounds. Champs may try their luck by changing colours and fans may go ahead with the new colour. But ultimately the lovers of cricket and the fan of KK Riders want the team to win the IPL this time.

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