Kolkata Metro Expansion Plan

Looks like Kolkata Metro is planning to expand in and around the city in coming years and this is a good news for daily travelling people who are tired of travelling in no foot space buses where you get crushed every moment.

Metro Future Expansion Plan

Metro Future Expansion Plan

There are Four Metro Project that has to be met and Mamta’s Railway Budget has brough 450 Crore in the Next Financial Year.

  • Joka to BBD Bag.
  • Noapara to Barasat via AirPort
  • Air Port to New Garia via Rajarhat
  • Baranagar to Barrackporeand Dakshinewshwar.

However there are roadblocks for claiming lands or digging underground tunnels and the biggest challenge is to build under the river hoogly.

Via The Telegraph

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  1. Good plan, if implemented can do a whole lot of good for the city. I think park Circus should also be connected to the metro with the existing line and/or with line 3. Also parallel to GT road in howrah the metro should run (eg.howrah stn to dakshineshwar). If transport in kolkata is in disarray in howrah its in ruins. Something needs to be done there too.
    By the way getting land may well prove to be herculean task specially in Bengal.Lets hope for the best though.

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