Kolkata Roads to get Water Proof before Puja

 GOOD NEWS FOR THE KOLKATA PEOPLE!!!!!   CMC (Calcutta Municipal Corporation) lays down the project of laying a mastic asphalt coat on all motorable roads in the city proper before Puja. Total road length in Kolkata is around 2500 km out of which only 200km roads have been given a mastic asphalt top coat since eight years. Roads like Grant Street, Meredith Street, Prafulla Sarkar Street, Market Street, Madan Street, Marquis Street, Kyd Street and Elliot Street are the first target.

Laying bituminous coating is the cheapest way to metal a road and is good in dry weather also. But the life span of this coating is only one monsoon. Although compared to costing, mastic asphalt coat costs Rs 500 per sq m whereas bituminous coating only Rs 350 per sq m. Mastic asphalt coating does not need maintenance. It’s kind of one time investment. They can stand monsoon and the coating lasts for almost 18 years. What more actually CMC and Kolkata people ask for.

If the Kolkata roads can be given mastic asphalt coating, then it will definitely lower down the maintainenace cost of the roads. The civic authority has allotted Rs 50 crore for the project. Caution needs to be taken as mastic asphalt coating roads are very smooth. So pebbles need to be embedded on the surface to avoid skidding or turn over.

It will be a real relief for the Kolkata people if the plan works out and CMC can successfully target to do by this puja. The roads of Kolkata really need a makeover. Let’s hope for the best and good luck to CMC.

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