Learning Hindi through Charts and Pictures

Learning Hindi is one the most challenging part for people dont belong to India or had stayed away from India right from their birth. Though certain people had self-initiated this kind of process through video but doing it old-style, i.e., Charts, Pictures, etc. creates more impact in my opinion. In this post, I am sharing about a website which offers old school style charts and a Hinglish way to learn Hindi. One can learn Hindi through Charts and Pictures. Here is one such sample you would love to see.

Hindi alphibets

Learning Hindi through Charts and Pictures

While the digital age has almost taken paper-based teaching. It is difficult to find them any more in the stationery shops. However, I am sure there are many would like love to use the chart based approach. That’s where Akhlesh.Com comes into the picture. We first wrote about them about in 2009, and it’s great to see the website is still alive and kicking. Not only this,  but support for printable PDF documents for Alphabet, words, conversation, Poems, Stories, Charts, Quiz and Grammar are also available.

The website is a great initiative which is documenting an easy way to learn Hindi through images and charts.

  • You would even love the way numbers are shown.
  • Spell them as it is available in Hindi, making it easier for people who do not know Hindi.
  • Find Alphabets, Numbers, Words, Poems, Charts, Quiz, Devotional, Patriotic stuff.

There is also a special section which is prepared to keep foreigners in mind as they are available in Hinglish. It includes common words and phrases, animals, and Food items.

Hindi common words and phrases
Hindi common words and phrases

The original idea for the website occurred when Akhilesh moved to Singapore, and there was not enough material to teach Hindi to his kids. Overall it is an excellent resource to learn Hindi and make yourself more prepared if you are coming from outside. Don’t miss to bookmark it.

We hope the website helps you in Learning Hindi through Charts and Pictures.

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