Learn Hindi Online with these simple Games and Quizzes

Digital Dialects is a website of Language Learning Games. You start with a quick chart of numerals, colors, animals, or just a set of general vocabulary words. This chart gives you the English words for each and their Hindi counterparts (Hindi words are the transliteration). So if you want to learn Hindi online or want to teach your kids Hindi, it’s an excellent website. There are materials in for of game and quiz for learning grammar, spelling, alphabets, verb conjugation, vocabulary, and phrases.

Learn Hindi with quiz

Learn Hindi Online with these simple Games and Quizzes

It offers quiz in different categories, which include Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Vocabulary Builder, and so on. Select one, and it will provide you with a list or chart. You need to memorize this list/chart quickly and then take a quiz. Have a look at this animation below, which fist shows the list of words, and then the quiz.

Hindi Learning Games Animation
Hindi Learning Games Animation

The buttons with the round speaker icon indicate games that include audio. Games with the  “D” symbol include Devanagari and transliteration options. While all other games use only transliterations at present.

Digital Dialects is not a full-featured language-learning resource. However, it is a great way to exercise the words you have recently learned when you are learning a new language; it has some types of games for several other languages.

The course has been designed for both independent language students and classroom us. You do not need to register to use this tool. The games are free to use. Anyone can use this, which includes Kids, Teachers, and Students who are looking for a  foreign language learning resource for revision, practice, and testing.

The website doesn’t offer any mobile application, which is a considerable drawback. If you are using this website, you will have to use it on the desktop or use the mobile version.

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