Learn Hindi with easy Video tutorials

Learning a new language is difficult. Its not just about the alphabets, but about learning the context, and meanings of different works. If you are having trouble learning Hindi, we are recommending a website which offers video tutorials.

Learn Hindi with easy Video tutorials

A Door to Hindi is an effort made by Afroz Taz to help learn Hindi. It supports both to understand it and how to use it, with the proper and correct use of grammar, which is always the critical part of any language.

There is a list of video tutorials (yes you read it right) where a scenario is created like how the conversation goes on in a market place. A subtitle keeps running below which rolls as the video plays. It helps you relate words and grammar.

Hindi learning with video
Hindi learning with video

Whenever a grammar is used, and essential is linked to a detailed description of it. It will help you a lot if you are interested in getting a better understanding of Hindi grammar.


Hindi learning verb recognition
Hindi learning verb recognition

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Explanation in each Hindi Video Tutorial

When you click on the home page, you get a list of 24 lessons and video tutorials. While you can watch them over and over again, what is interesting is that each lesson is accompanied by

Learn Hindi Lesson Video Tutorial

The explanation for grammar is adequate. Here is one for how word order differs from English:

Hindi word order is different from English word order. The most important difference is that the verb or verbal phrase almost always goes at the end of the sentence. In general, Hindi word order follows the following pattern:

Subject + Modifiers/Object + Verb (Verbal Phrase)

There is a list of 24 video tutorials which can be watched over and over again. All the tutorial relates to one aspect of India place and helps you to understand how do you talk at those places. The conversations are effortless and effective.

So if you are willing to learn Hindi, Door to Hindi is the best place to start with it. Check out Hindi Tutorials there.



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