Licence for every Pet you have

Dont be surprised, It not just dogs and horses now but could be for Birds,Fish or even a cat if you have at home as pet needs a licence and if you don’t have it, the government office appointed by Ministry of Environment and Forests ( MEF) can put you in trouble.  They can also check if you are serving good food,exercise, enough living space and freedom to the pet.

MEF has finally drafted a document for Pet Policy and Pet Shop Rules which is open to everybody. According to this draft which points towards “live animals are often showcased, exhibited and traded like commodities in pet shops or other shops selling animals alive” says :

  • You cannot buy a pet which is too young.
  • You cannot buy or sell if not over 18 years old.
  • You cannot buy pregnant pets.
  • You will need to report if a pet is dead
  • Pet shops should keep up temperature between 18 to 23. This is big blow to shops which sell pets on footpaths or even ill maintained shop on roadside.
  • Pet owners need to take pets for health checkup, give good food and space.
  • In case a pet is found lost and roaming around the city, an officer can take it into his authority and if claimed in a week, the owner will have to pay all the expenses made for the pet.
Pet Shop Rules
Pet Shop Rules


  1. sir
    I have 6 white doves as pets and have them in a huge cage 4ft x 8ft in my garden in Mumbai. I take good care of them. Recently some residents in my colony have raised some objections and are asking me to produce licences for the same . Some of these doves are hatched in my cage and have been with me since 10 years.

    Pl can you advise how I can go about getting a licence and who /where and how I have to approach ?
    Your advise will be much appreciated



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