Like Donuts ? Get madly in love at MOD

Indian Food habits have drastically changed since fast ventured inside this huge self consuming culture where not only population made it different for various taste but younger generation was ready to eat something different over traditional food ( Yes your parents might just hate it but only if you start living on fast food ).

One of the fast catching item is DoNuts which  is fried dough food decorated with chocolate or some sweet stuff and eaten on the go majorly as snacks.I remember seeing it many a times kept on Office Tabels for visitors if they would like to grab some light meal.

Mad over donuts

Mad over donuts

MOD or Mad over Donuts is a mouth-watering chain specially made for Donuts where probably you can find any kind of donuts and some of which you would have never heard of it in India. Right from Ringed Donuts to filled ones, Dark chocolate lazed to smooth milk with white chocolate!! Sounds Yummy!!

MOD Donuts

MOD Donuts

Mad Over Donut store is located in Mumbai, Delhi and Noida and hope to see more as the trend picks up. Check out more over Mad Over Donuts online. You can also follow them on twitter or facebook.

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