List of Government Holidays in India

Every year a Circular is issued by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, which has the list of the Holidays (Gazetted and Restricted), most of the Holidays are for festivals, and in India the dates of the festival is dependent upon the Hindu Calendar and the position of Moon, hence the dates for the same festival keep varying by few days to even a month, hence this circular which works as the Holiday guide for us is of great importance.

Here is an online resource which is helpful, this can keep you informed about the Holidays in India, also it tells you if the Holiday is Gazetted or Restricted one, and is based on the above mentioned Circular. You can also have a look at the Holidays which are declared by the ruling Government in any State across India.

This page named as ‘Government Holiday Calendar’, is available on the Government of India website, here is the snapshot –

Get the list of Government Holidays in India


The (R) and (G) on every holiday indicates the Restricted or a Gazetted holiday.

Apart from these holidays, the State Government too has a list of Holidays for the regional festivals and occasions, so that to can be found here using the yellow colored are, on the right-hand side panel.

Simply click on the drop down menu, select the state, and hit the ‘Go’ button to get the complete list. If you are a Government employee, then you won’t probably need this resource, but in case you are involved in some business or private job, this could be a damn helpful resource for you, can help you by saving your time, so that you don’t rush to a Government Institution’s office and later come to know about the holiday.

Visit the Government Holiday Calendar and bookmark it.


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