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India is a known place for temples, in fact it counts for highest number of temples when compared to any other part of the world. However it is very difficult to find temples when you are out to travel. Only way to find information on temples is from our parents, grand parents or relatives who had been there.

Indian Temples Portal is one site which gives you a in-depth information and list of Indian temples according to city, state , age, religion and gods.

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Here is the list of places of which temples that are covered :

  • North India Temples Delhi | Haryana | Himachal Pradesh | Jammu & Kashmir | Punjab | Rajasthan | Uttaranchal |Uttar Pradesh
  • South India Temples : Andhra Pradesh | Andaman & Nicobar | Karnataka | Kerala | Lakshadweep | Pondicherry | Tamil Nadu
  • East India Temples: Arunachal Pradesh | Assam | Bihar | Jharkhand | Manipur | Meghalaya | Mizoram | Nagaland | Orissa | Sikkim | Tripura | West Bengal
  • West India Temples: Goa | Gujarat | Maharashtra | Central India Temples | Chhattisgarh | Madhya Pradesh
  • Hindu Dieties Temples : Lord Ganesha Temples | Lord Shiva Temples | Lord Hanuman Temples | Lord Krishna Temples | Lord Shakti Temples | Lord Vishnu Temples | Lord Surya Temples
  • Also you can find temples for religions like Buddhism | Jainism | Christianity | Sikhism | Islam

This site also lets you travel your plan specifically for Temple Visits for which you can ask from their home page itself.

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