Looking for Toys on Rent instead of buying one ? Try Renttoys

Toys, Books for kids, etc. are a few things which we all buy for our children when they start holding and understanding the world. Toys not only make children to visualize things but also become a part of their daily life without which they cannot live. As kids grow up, the toys become useless as they lose interest. Generally, these toys are passed on to younger kids.  However, buying toys are a costly business. Not everybody can afford costly toys in India, so how about renting Toys? Though not very common in India, if you are ok to get a second-hand toy which kids can play for a while and then get a new one, then you need to try Rent Toys.

Rent Toys in India

Looking for Toys on Rent instead of buying one? Try RentToys

RentToys is a subscription-based service where you pay every month, select toys, and after a month return it. As you return, you can select a new set of toys. It makes sure that the kid gets access to new toys every month, and the money you put in is useful. Usually, we either stop buying toys because of the cost and get it exchanged with neighbors or family. Now here is an added surprise. Not only you can choose toys, but you can also choose to add books. If your kid loves reading, you can subscribe to the Book only plan and add five books every month.

1) Subscription Plans

  • Books Only for 649/month
  • Toys only for 849/month or 1499/month
  • Toys and Books combo is available at 1248/month

These plans are applicable when you pay upfront for three boxes, but if you choose one box, the price increases by Rs 100. They also offer 7 Day trial for Rs 349.

2) What’s in the box?

  • Toy Box:  1-3 toys worth Rs 5,000 in the small box plan or 3-5 toys worth Rs 10,000 in the big box plan. The number of toys in a box varies by the MRP of the selected toys. e.g. in the small box plan, you can get 4 toys worth Rs. 1250/- each or 2 toys worth Rs. 2500/- each. You are free to choose any toy from our entire collection.
  • Book Box:  5 Books of your choice. Choose any book from our entire collection.

3) Return and Get a new box

After 1 month, Rent Toys team will arrange return pick-up of the box from your doorstep and send you a new box with toys/books from your wishlist.

If you are worried about Toys sanitation and cleanliness, then here is what Rent Toys do to make sure the toys are checked and cleaned before they are sent to someone else. They sanitize and cleans all the toys with a 3-step process. First, all the toys except wooden toys are steam cleaned at 100 degree Celsius to kill germs and bacteria. Then, a kid-friendly disinfectant solution (by Chicco or Clorox), is used to thoroughly sanitize the toys. Finally, toys are blow-dried, shrink-wrapped, and packed. Wooden toys are directly cleaned using a wipe soaked in the disinfectant solution. Wood possesses natural antibacterial properties; hence they are safer and do not need steam cleaning.

Check out Rent Toys and if you try, let us know how was your experience renting the toy.


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