Make and receive calls without a SIM card

In India still many people find it difficult to afford a mobile handset and keep up with monthly charges for making calls it has become a problem with small business segments and remote rural areas where people have to walk 5 to 6 KM to make a call.

Comviva has come with a  Virtual SIM solution which enables people unable to afford a handset to make and receive calls, send and receive SMSs and make remittances, virtually, using other people’s phones and without the need for a SIM.

Virtaul Sim

This is how the concept of Virtual Sim Works :

  • Subscriber can purchase a Virtual SIM voucher at any retail shop.
  • Tile Virtual SIM is pre-prOCessed- very similar to ally pre-paid li umber.
  • After purchasing tile Virtual SIM tile subscriber gets the following details.
  • MSISDN Number- Virtual pre paid number
  • Registrations PIN-TO register as a Virtual SIM subscriber. This is a one tine activity.
  • Activation PI N- TO activate the Virtual SIM Number  any handset.

There are many advantages with this concept. Though Mobile handset prices in India is as low as 500 RS now but keeping up with a tarrif charge is still a costly business be it any segment of economy, blame it to delay of 3g.  If you consider farmers or daily workers of village who only want to make calls when required they need not to carry a mobile handset all the time. Instead a groccery shop owner who is richer than rest can still afford a handset and is accessible to everybody. 

However lot of care should be taken when it comes to security because for a real simcard there is a physical proof which is taken which is not the case here. There should be a mecahnism, when a number is allocated there can be some kind of verification mechanism can be brought into.

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