Making Fat Indian wedding greener : Green Wedding Ideas

Global warming is the major discussion all around the world. With this alarming threat what steps have you taken to save our  world ? A major change in our society which I have recently come across is the eco-friendly marriage. In Indian marriages most of the time people show off  costly dressed, jewelleries and spend so much money that we don’t realize and this completion makes the marriage not only fatty but also buy things which go against the Global Green.

With trends changing even the fat marriages are getting on diet and going green.  Green Wedding is the new term which is not only eco-friendly but also pocket friendly to fin in your budget.  Lets have a glance how the preparation starts.

Green wedding

Green wedding

Wedding Cards : 

Prefer Email over Paper Mail for your friends : When you get your wedding card ready, get a scan of it and send it as an email invitation. This way you can save tones of wedding card getting printed and send them faster with zero cost.

Relatives to whom you cannot send email or where a personal touch is required a paper wedding card is must. To make it more economic and eco-friendly get your Wedding card printed in a recycled paper ( Like one of those CRY cards ).

Green wedding invitation

Green wedding invitation

You can even think of making  a hand-made card out of left over packing papers combined with bamboo or sugarcane cuttings etc. Yes you will need help of your friends and relatives. It will really tempt you to know the new idea about  this wedding. but “keep the enviroment green” is what these cards are also trying to spread. I would suggest you to watch the kids show where they really show how to use left overs to create excellent impressive stuff.

Attire of Bride and Groom

Next thing that will strike is about the attire of the bride and the groom. Choose organic cotton and khadi over synthetic and silk. One might not like the simple material. After all we all want to look different on our BIG DAY.If you want to wear silk than go for non-violent silks.try out silk achkans and kurtas.many fashion designers have started using eco-friendly fabrics on wedding attires.

Green wedding shoes

Green wedding shoes


  • Use oil lamps instead of electricity. You might have to careful but this can be done by using good idea and taking precaution at the same time.
  • Tents made of Khadi is used in place of synthetic fabrics.
  • Real flowers, potted plants and seasonal flowers will add the beauty all around instead of using plastic decor which are harmful when disposed.
  • Use kitchen masala and colours to make Rangolis instead of buying synthetic colours. Use Wooden dust, turmeric etc .

When we are discussing all have you noticed one thing. the preparation is going on without adding pressure on the environment ?  It will make you feel as if the Mother Nature is enjoying with you.

Photography and Sound

Eco-friendly wedding means no camera, no sound? definitely not. Now we cannot totally remove but we might think of optimizing it.

Most of the weddings play music too loud which not only disturbs the outside environment but also inside. Use 2 large speakers instead of 4. This way you will be able to save electricity and reduce noise pollution. Play music in such a way that it doesn’t hurt you ears.

You can pickup photographers who follow the green trend. Taking pictures might not have so much of alternative yet but when you get your wedding album ready here are few tips you can follow :

  • Get a digital album done instead of a physical album. You can send it across the copy of it all your relatives. Being in age of computer and Internet we should be leveraging these facilities.
  • Share your pictures on professional sites like Facebook, Flickr or Photobucket. These sites do offer you pro account at very cheap rates which can help you host your photographs and memories forever.


  • Go for vegetarian food.
  • Avoid using coal and wood, use regular gas instead.
  • Use organic ingredients.
  • Instead of using glossy plates made of glass etc use disposable plates which can be recycled later. The same idea which we were trying to put into wedding card.
  • Or If you are arranging where people can sit and eat, use Banana leaves and cups made of betel leaves.

The Venue :

  • Select a venue which is open and has more of natural light and fresh air. This will cut the amount of light required when you prepare for a function in day time.
  • Get an electrician or a person who is good in placing lights. The advantage you would get over regular guy is proper usage of lights which gives you most light and you save some bucks. Use more of less power lights than high power, they waste electricity and produce more heat.

Few Examples which I have cited online :

I am eagerly waiting for such wedding invitation and I know that no one will miss the chance if invited. Do spread the message and idea to keep the environment clean and green. If you do have a marriage coming up share these with them and see if you can make it happen.

Though the older generation might not like it but if the new generation can start making up these soon we will see people saving money on marriages and make the environment green too.Lets raise voice against global warming. and take steps to protect the world. come up with ideas and suggestions.

About Ashish Mohta

An analyst who writes about undiscovered,unknown and untalked topics for people who want to to know more about India and Indians.


  1. Hi!

    I thought your article was simply superb!
    I just don’t understand why we indians end up inviting the world and it’s dog to our weddings.
    Is it really necessary to invite 800+ guests? On top of this the amount of plastic plates, paper napkins and cutlery! Furthermore the choice of food provided by the host at £3.00 plate to save money is not worth being sick over!
    Everything seems to be a stage show! Surely a wedding is a union between two people who are in love and want to start their journey as a couple with the least damage to the environment as possible!
    At the end of the day the families try and make so many savings that their guests never really appreciate how much sacrifice and effort has been made.
    Change needs to happen!
    I usually re-use the wedding invitation and make a beautiful greeting card from it!
    Less showing off and more care for the environment for our children and their children!!

  2. Your ideas r 2 gud..article is excellent…

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