MapmyIndia: One stop solution to Digital Maps and Navigation Devices

Looking for directions to reach your destination from current location, want to have a look at the map, or may be searching for Hotels, Pilgrimages, Shopping areas etc. in particular locality, Try MapmyIndia. It has an online tool, which can help you to satisfy all your above said needs, have a look at the interface.

map my india find direction, maps and local searchs for india

It has a simple search interface, you can look for whatever you want, Directions, Maps or Local Searches. The results produces are pretty perfect, I tried few searches and it returned perfect results. While performing local searches, it also provides you an option to send the info to your cell phone immediately.

send sms for local search to your mobile using map my india

Apart from this MapmyIndia also offers a range of Navigation Devices at very affordable prices. You can have a look at this Video.

map my india offers navigation devices at affordable prices

They have some solutions for the mobile phone users as well. Depending upon your mobile phone, you can choose the product for yourself. All the product pages can be accessed via their homepage.

map my india offers navigation solutions for mobile phones

MapmyIndia claims to cover 401 Indian cities, also the maps are updated on a regular basis to provide the correct information.

MapmyIndia really seems to be doing a great job, these services and navigation devices could be really useful for tourists. I would like to thank them and Wish them loads of Luck.

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