Maruti to launch Cervo around June 2010

The company which gave India the first small car, whose small and economical Maruti 800 helped a middle class Indian citizen to dream and dare to get a car, is going to launch another car by the mid of 2010 in India, named as Maruti Cervo.

The best part about this new car, it is going to cost somewhere in between Rs 150,000 – Rs 200,000, cool isn’t it? Have a look at the photo of Cervo.

Cervo one of the cheapest car in small segment

Cervo resembles to recently launched Chevrolet Beat, and definitely Cervo (in looks) doesn’t seem to be such a cheap buy.  It has been already launched in Japan, it is a 5 door hatchback, with 4 speed gearbox, with a 54bhp and 660cc engine interiors are claimed to resemble Maruti Swift.

Cervo is also been seen as Maruti’s answer to TATA Nano, and I think it definitely is going to give a healthy competition to Tata Nano.

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  1. eagerly waiting….

  2. Looks lot better than Nano and I guess it will cost around 2.5 when we include other things also. Still costly but people who want to shell out some extra money worth it.

  3. @ Nidhi, Me too waiting eagerly to see it on roads, though personally I don’t like small cars, to me they seem to be unsafe and less driving pleasure as well.

    @Ashish, Costlier than Nano for sure, but sounds to be a much better option in comparison to Nano, in looks, interiors, engine power as well (Nano delivers 33bhp).

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