An MBA quits her job, becomes Sarpanch to serve her native place

Chhavi Rajawat – is the name of the Sarpanch of Soda (around 60Kms away from Jaipur), a village in Tonk district of Rajasthan.

Chhavi is an MBA, and has been a student of institutions like Rishi Valley, Bangalore and Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi, and has worked for 5 different companies before quitting her job and the corporate lifestyle to serve her native place.

Chhavi Rajawat

Chhavi can be spotted in Jeans and T-shirt in her village in meetings around Soda, and is addressed as ‘Bai-sa’ (a word in local language, used to address a lady respectfully). She also claims that her Business Management degree is helping her in taking care of her Village. She also runs a Riding Academy, and takes care of the hotel business of her family in Jaipur.

According to Chhavi, her priority list contains of –

  • To provide electricity and get proper roads built in Soda.
  • To solve the issue of high fluoride content in water in the Soda region.
  • To increase job opportunities in the village by involving NGOs.

It definitely takes a lot of courage to quit a corporate life, and pursue something of this sort and that too when service is the only aim, Hats-off to Chhavi.

No doubt, if you try surveying the people around you, you will find people who will love to quit their job to pursue a business of their own, I too belong to same category, but quitting a job to do an act of service is something very rare, even a handful of people who think on these lines, generally fail to take that step for several reasons.

Chhavi is a perfect live example of the fact that being born as human is the biggest reservation quota you can ever be privileged from.

Image Courtesy: The Times of India

The content of this article has been collected from Various sources online and TV shows.


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