Indian IT law for inappropriate Social updates

Social Networking is no more a thing of geeks or hi-tech professionals these days. In India it as well the number of social networking users is growing at an enormous rate, in fact pretty the number already is pretty huge, Orkut tops the list when it comes to the Indians using social networking sites.

As per the Economic Times, “A humorous status message or an impromptu Tweet could get a person arrested, fired, or even divorced by recent changes in the country’s IT laws, a development that seems to have gone unnoticed by most users bitten by the social networking bug.”

According to the recent amendments in Indian IT Act, a snapshot or a printout of status updates on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites (if inappropriate or improper) may be produced as electronic evidence in court, which could get the user arrested, fired or divorced as well.

So, if you are active on social networking sites, beware!!! Watch your steps, rather watch your fingers (for what are they going to type in as an update).

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