Microsoft Launches Innovative Teachers to connect them across countries

Teachers are the pillar of the education system. If the teachers will be smart and advanced, the education system will become more strong. To keep this point in mind, Microsoft India launched an exclusive website,,  to help teachers connect with each other and share their lesson plans with their counterparts in 107 other countries.

This is a great advnatge for teachers in India if they are on Internet as this website will give opportunity to connect with teachers and with international schools all over the world. Since  the aim of the website is to find the top talent across world and then match it with school, this will help  the Indian teacher to expose their talent all over the world.

Apart  from this you get access to lesson plan resources, access to technology tools, professional development trainings and much more. Microsoft India  also felicitated five teachers from the state who used innovative lesson plans using technology to improve classroom learning.

The five teachers who were felicitated are : ( Source Telegraph )

  • Rajesh Tiwari, principal, Govt Subhash School for Excellence, Bhopal,
  • Deepti Shukla from Govt School for Excellence,
  • Vidisha, Madhur Mohan Mishra from Eklavya Model Residential School
  • Shailja Shrivastava from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bilaspur
  • and Achla Jain from Govt Higher Secondary School, Ganjbasoda. These teachers were trained through Project


The process begins with the registration. Once a teacher registers, he or she can browse through and even download the matter uploaded by other educators. With more than four million members from 107 countries this is the largest educator’s network in the world.


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