Milky welcome to the new year 2010

Sounds confusing and different also but its true that the students of Rajasthan University have celebrated the New Year party i.e. on 31st December 2009 night. Spreading the news of healthy life, on 31st Dec 2009 night the students have thrown the New Year party by consuming milk instead of the normal trend of Liquor. It was not a flop party show. To a surprise note the party was joint celebrated by 35000 to 40000 people.

The young chaps have taken a great initiative by offering cooked milk free of cost. Credit goes to the master mind who have planned and the organizer. The whole team has given a good example, kudos to them.

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Who wants to bring Indian culture, Food, and her thoughts together to give the best India has and what we can learn from Indians and Indian aspects.

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