K Sera Sera Productions to open Miniplex in 527 Districts in India

K Sera Sera Productions has come up with an awesome business opportunity for individuals, the plan is to open Miniplex (small multiplex) across India in 527 districts, and the first miniplex in this series was inaugurated recently by Shahrukh Khan in Ahmedabad.

SRK inaugurates first K Sera Sera Miniplex

One will have to invest something around Rs. 50 Lacs to own a miniplex, as per K Sera Sera, let us have a look at what K Sera Sera has to say about their Miniplex.

  • K Sera Sera’s Miniplex is a state of art theatre combining film entertainment and e-learning.
  • Viewer’s experience would be enhanced with high quality digital technology via Satellite.
  • Mass acceptance is guaranteed across all socio-economic strata.
  • Ultra-modern digital sound quality and high image clarity would lead to an overwhelming experience.
  • Multilingual films would be featured and promoted across all centers.
  • Provides 100% Multiplex feel with 50% ticket cost.
  • Operational cost per seat is 60% lower.
  • Efficient programming for uninterrupted supply of films on regular basis.
  • Maximum utilization of infrastructure and resources by introducing interactive e-learning programming.
  • In house integration, as K Sera Sera is one of the leading production & distribution house.
  • Multi cuisine food courts, which shall enhance the Miniplex experience.

You can download the e-brochure for this product here, or you can contact via email [email protected] or make a call to +91 22 40427601 for further details regarding the miniplex project.

Why I think it to be a good business opportunity –

  • K Sera Sera is definitely a big name of Bollywood, so being in business with them is a great idea.
  • Movies are very important part of Indian lifestyle; a classy movie theatre will definitely run successfully.
  • Another reason which makes this project look a good business opportunity is the ticket cost, i.e. Rs. 80, sounds good for almost every Indian, irrespective of his/her income group.
  • Movie theatres are something which don’t need some very special marketing skills (at least in small cities).
  • Miniplex and Multiplex, with food court like feature are not only a place to watch movies, gatherings and small meet-ups are also organized in such places, which ultimately increase the turn-over.

I hope you agree with me? Have your say, and of course if you are looking forward to some business, go ahead and try your luck here.

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  1. i think its a nice project

  2. I have 1.1/2 acres of land in district harda (m.p.) my property is very good for buisness purposs because it in the city , I want to invest my money on such types of projects so please mail me the required informations relatd to this project on my email account , thankyou .

  3. hi…………….
    i am Harsh. and i want to open the theater in ahmedabad. i dont have a space for his but i had seen 2 theater which are closed and i want to open it.
    if you interested in our project and you caoable for invest please contact us at -Harsh_90patel’[email protected] and my contact no is-9722273522

  4. hi…………….
    i am Harsh. and i want to open the theater in ahmedabad. i dont have a space for this but i had seen 2 theater which are closed and i want to open it.
    if you interested in our project and you capable for invest please contact us at-Harsh_90patel’[email protected] and my contact no is-9722273522

  5. hi…………….
    i am Sachin and i want to open the theater in Devrukh (Ratnagiri). i having a own space of 10000 sq ft. i want known total budget of this project establishment and can you provide any loan facility to us. please contact us [email protected] and my contact no is-9324677026

  6. hi, I am interested in this project. If anybody would like to patner with please contact me at [email protected]

  7. Hi, I am Haresh Raval (Gabat) Ta.bayad Dis.Aravali Gujarat intrested in this project.bcus my area is rural area.Our infrastructure is ready with land & Building 26000 Sq.fts.If anybody would like to partner with please contact me at [email protected]

  8. Please send me the total cost of setup a miniplex but seating around 225 to 250. Please send us asap


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