Mobile Email device ‘Peek’ in India, Hit or Miss?

Peek is a mobile email (only) device, and has been launched in India in partnership with Aircel branded as Pocket Email on the go.

Mobile Email Device Peek

Here are the salient features of the Peek (From the offering page)–

  • Peek is claimed to be a very easy to use device, easy to setup, no complicated settings.
  • The keypad buttons looks very close to Qwerty design which has several shortcut buttons too.
  • The screen is large enough, which makes the working (reading and writing the emails) easier.
  • You can register multiple email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail and all POP3 or IMAP accounts. It also supports Microsoft Exchange, allowing you to work remotely. You can set up to 3 accounts.
  • You can view the attachments too, like Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and any image files you receive.
  • Peek is extremely thin and light and features a sturdy aluminum back cover.
  • Push Mail feature, keeps you updated about new email as it arrives, indicates the arrival of new mails by the blue envelop indicator.
  • Unified Inbox and Inbox Search.
  • Download your contacts saved in your webmail like Gmail or Yahoo!, you can download them onto your Peek.
  • Peek has a security lock that protects your device from prying eyes and accidental key presses. If you lose your Peek and someone tries to enter the wrong password 10 times, all of your sensitive personal information is deleted instantly.
  • Peek’s battery lasts for 2 to 3 days for an average email user.
  • Navigating is made easy through a multifunctional clickable scroll wheel and a back button that allows you escape to the previous screen.
  • Airplane Mode.
  • Themes, sounds & alerts.

Pricing Details for Peek –

In order to get a Peek for you, you will need to spend Rs.2999, both prepaid and postpaid plans are available, which will cost you Rs.299/month. To see the pricing and plan details, you can visit the project page.

My Personal Opinion about Peek –

  • Looks like Peek is pretty useful, the best part is its pricing, which is very less as compared to a phone with email management features.
  • For small companies, which are service providers, and have a huge number of their employees in field, it is a good mode of communication. To a great extent providing a Peek to your employees, is as good as making them armed with a business phone, with limited capabilities, keeping the fact in mind that almost every person has a mobile these days.
  • Another plus point of having a mobile phone and an independent email device is, at some locations or at some point of time, if the cell phone stops working, may be the email device is working (due to network coverage issue or the battery of cell phone is drained out), this is not a very strong point, but considerable for sure.
  • In case when you travel on Airplane, mobile devices are to be switched off for technical reasons. Peek comes with a special Airplane Mode which switches of all the communication but still lets you compose, draft and read emails which saves lot of time and let you work during travel.  Below is a video.

So, what do you think about Peek, do you think it is going to be hit in India? Share your views with us via comments.

Visit the Peek Product Page.

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One comment

  1. This set does not fulfill the claims:-
    You can not open PDF files,scanned pdf files,excel files,power point presentations,many formats of photo.
    to can not browse.
    why should someone buy a set dedicately for Email,where the attachments of Emails can not be opened.

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