Mobile Money Order in India

Indian Postal Department is launching an another remarkable service for its customer which will help people of Bihar working outside their state to transfer  money using scheme of Mobile Money Order by just sending a sms.

About Mobile Money Order:

It is a service started by the Indian postal department in collaboration with the Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL). This service will help the people to transfer their money from one city to another.India  Post is the largest service network for transfer of money and annually  about nine crore money orders are being sent on the postal network


This service is presently started at

  • Patna’s GPO and Bankipore,
  • Patna City,
  • Gulzarbagh,
  • Kadamkuan, Patna secretariat,
  • Danapur,
  • Lohia Nagar,
  • Mahendru and Rajendra Nagar post offices.

How it works:

To avail this facility, the user should follow the following steps

  • Sender goes to post office, gives details like mobile number, amount and address of both the sender and the recipient.
  • On depositing the cash, PO sends a unique code to sender and recipient via SMS
  • The recipient goes to nearest PO and shows the unique code and an identity proof to gets the money.
  • This service will have flexible limits extending up to Rs 50,000.

How much the service will charge:

The charges for mobile money transfer will be the same as  it is on the traditional money order – 5% of the remitted amount.

Why only Bihar?

This is a main question that why the service is being launched only in Bihar and Punjab? The reason behind giving priority to Bihar and Punjab for the launch of MMOS is that Punjab sends the highest number of money orders while Bihar receives the highest number of money orders in the country every year.

Well, this is a good step by the postal department as many people doesn’t have the proper correspondence address for sending the money, so this service will definitely help them.

Hoping the  service will launched in other part of the country soon!!


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