Mobile Railway Ticketing Van, hit or miss?

“Mushkil Aasaan” is the name of the new service launched by Indian Railways. Mushkil Aasaan is a mobile railway ticketing van, as of now available only in Kolkata and Delhi, which works Monday to Saturday, and will remain non-operational on Sundays for maintenance.

Mushkil Aasaan Mobile Ticketing Van for Railways

As per the Star Web Media ““Mushkil Aassan” mobile van has been introduced with the idea of taking the issuance of computerized tickets both reserved and un-reserved to the grass roots and it will work from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm at different locations from Monday to Saturday, while Sunday will be utilized for its maintenance. The cost of the ticket will be the same as that of tickets purchased from the usual Passenger Reservation System counters.”

Well, I am not sure how useful and actually effective is it going to be, instead why couldn’t Railway ministry simply look to increase the reservation centers, reason being, in due course of time the money spend on these vans throughout the year (considering maintenance and the fuel theft like issues too) or at max may be in two years will be almost equivalent to one non-mobile reservation center.

Secondly where whole world is looking at reducing the carbon footprints, we are launching mobile vans, and that too not a green one, as far as I know Tata Sumo uses diesel as fuel.

I personally don’t find this to be some kind of very useful or revolutionary idea, it might add some convenience, but not as much it sounds in first impression. Thinking to get a Tatkal Ticket from this service is totally out of question (in most cases tatkal tickets are finished within 20mins after the tatkal booking is opened at the window at 8AM).

I am not sure about its operation, if they have made some kind of schedule, like if it is going to be available in different parts of the city on different weekdays, if it is so, and the service is not available for all the areas in all days, it doesn’t sound to be worthy enough.

What is your opinion about it, share you views and tell us, what you think about Mushkil Aasaan.


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