Mobile Roaming Charges in India to go away soon

There is a good news for all mobile subscriber especially for travellers who travel  more from one state to other from time to time. Now,mobile users need not have to pay any extra money while travelling outside their home network. Carriers charge a higher rate for roaming and there are no uniform roaming charges as they differ from one operator to another. Let see what the reports are saying:

According to the reports:

Telecom companies may stop roaming charges if the government accepts the report submitted by a high-level panel.   The panel constituted by the Department of Telecom (DoT) to make recommendations on strategic issues related to licensing matters, has recommended to the government to consider the entire country as a single service area or four separate zones instead of the existing 22 telecom circles.

At present, around 10 per cent of the revenue of telecom companies comes from roaming charges. As per rules, a mobile service provider can charge a maximum of Rs 1.40 per minute for a local call for a mobile user travelling outside his home network, while for STD calls, the limit is Rs 2.40 per minute for all outgoing and Rs 1.75 per minute for all incoming calls, irrespective of the distance. After the tariff war began in 2009, several companies have reduced their roaming charges but now, there will be no roaming charges at all.

I think, this will definetly help the travellers a lot. What do you think? Via Economic Times



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