AppBazar: India-specific Android app store, launching in April

Pune based, mobile application development company, Webonise Lab, has announced to launch an Android app store for India i.e. it will have apps such as Aarti Sangrah (collection of devotional chants, etc.), Panchang (Indian Calendar), etc. Summarily, Webonise Lab is all set to create an Android App Market which will feature the apps as per the taste of Indians, and their lifestyle. The name of this Indian App Market has been decided, and will be known as AppBazar.

Mobinise An Android app store for India based apps

Android definitely is one of the fastest growing mobile Operating Systems in recent times. Several developments are being done, like we came to know about the launch of Android Market Webstore, using which you can seamlessly install an app to your mobile device instantly.

AppBazar will target Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities. According to Webonise , there is a huge opportunity for development of India based content, and Webonise is highlighted to give Indian users a new mobile experience and that too in their own language.

Webonise also has started an Indian Android Developer Contest, targeting students, freelancers, etc. This contest has been started to encourage the development of India based Android application. The contest was started on January 26, 2011 and will continue till March 26, 2011.

Thanks to the Webonise Lab, for thinking on such line, this will not only promote the Android app developers, but also help the Indian Android users across the world to get in touch with their culture, and stay updated upon several Indian things.

Visit Mobinise and apply for the AppBazar’s Alpha Invitation

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