Modify your Bike to get Chopper, Dirt bike and Theme based look

Fast and good looking bikes are the universal heartthrobs; almost everybody gets infatuated to them. Probably this is the main reason which has given birth to the concept of modifying the bikes; bike modification allows you to get the custom look, as per your choice you can modify it for almost everything, sometimes even the engine as well.

Modify your bike to get Chopper, Dirt bike, and Theme based look

Khalid Shaikh is the owner of a Bike and Car designing company, Khalidaro Design, located in Mumbai. I recently came to know about Khalid and had a couple of conversations with him over the phone. Trust me, the way he talks about his work sounds fantastic. You can feel the passion in his talks; he addresses his creations as ‘Babe.’ It’s like you just need to initiate talking about bikes and car designs, and later just keep responding in simple ‘hmm’ and ‘that’s great’ like words.

The first bike which Khalid modified was a Yamaha RX100, modified to a dirt bike. It was meant mainly for adventure sports, with customizations like disc brake, self-start, and also a security system due to which in case of theft the engine shuts down automatically after few minutes. Have a look at it –

Khalid’s First Dirt Bike

Here is the first Chopper designed by Khalid (Khalidaro Design) –

First Chopper by Khalidaro Design

Both these designs of Khalidaro Design were featured in Bike India and Auto India, the snapshots for the same can be seen here and here. The company has also done some bike theme based designs, like Scorpion King and Batman. Shown below are the photos of these theme-based designs.

Designing Cars and Helmets

Khalidaro Design does the same, and they have done some professional designing for some helmet companies too.

Another very remarkable thing is, Khalid, says – “I do most of the jobs during the modification process on my own, hardly outsource.” Interesting enough.

Designs by Khalidaro Design are one of the best modifications I have ever seen. Though I have never got my bikes modified, but have been observing the modifications all around for pretty long. I love the designs; especially the Batman Theme design is my favorite. Hats Off!! to Khalid 🙂

So, if you are looking for some bike, car or even Helmet designing company, you can get in touch with. Khalidaro Design. As of now, their official website is Only Enfield, where he seems to be modifying the dream machine. They offer modification options for both old and new bikes as well.

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  1. Dear sir
    I have booked a 500c bullet classic and want to modify it into chopper
    can that me modified or else we need a better bike to do so
    Also is there a bike modified by you which i can directly purchase
    Also whats the ideal cost of custom modification
    please awaiting your response
    Samar sherlekar

  2. dear sir
    also do you know some classic designers for modifications of chopper designs

  3. HI .im based in mumbai and have recently purchased the Avenger 220 cc.

    was looking forward to get a pint job done .

    would appreciate if you could share the contact for the same .


  4. sorry guys was busy designing monster bikes

    @Nitin:- As the chassis of a pulsar is been designed on a street bike concept…it will cost you more as compared to a avenger or bullet…yes but it is possible… thanks.

    @Shashwat:- Thats a rx 100 modified with a front and rear disc breaks,mono suspention,front complete assembly original imported will cost you 95000 with the bike and engine fully ported…thanks.

    @Mohammad khan:- Walekumassalam bhai i have students doing interns at my place, any time with an appointment you can come down to my work skop…thanks.

    @Dr Subhransu:- My work shop is at juhu versova link road opp banana leaf restaurant, bharat nagar society, shop no 89, khalidaro design. our budget starts from 80000 to 500000 for more info call 9833892080…thanks.

    @Rahul Sarda:- Ya rahul we do metal embossing and engraving…also we can give you cnc font… thanks.

    @Aamar sherlekar:- Classic 500 is a good bike to modify if you have taken the delivery you can customize it or else i have a master piece for sale… will get to see at my work shop…thanks.

    @Alvin Rodrigues:- Yes we do custom painting and airbrushing under the name of sonic customs…our pricing for avenger starts from 5000 to 50000,, for all kind of jobs we use only dupont 3050 paints and clear coats…thanks.

  5. Hey friend,
    I’m planning to buy a classic royal enfield bullet and like to modify it. Can you please suggest some less cost designs for me

  6. Hi Khalid

    Does the cost of 95000 for the RX100 Dirt bike
    Include the cost of the bike or just the Mods?

  7. Salam khalid bhai..mera naam praful hai..main caligraphy artist hoon..mujhe bikes modifications sikhna hai..kya aap m.ujhe apke workshop mein aane ki permission denge..kuch tips

  8. Salaam Waliakum Khalid,

    Wanted to know if any modification can be done to Hero impulse…. Please email me if you have modified Impulse and do send me pics along with your shop’s address..

  9. Assalam waalekum khalid bhai mere naam tahir Ansari hai mujhe yeh pata karna hai ke kya aaplog sports bike main modify karte hai ek normal bike ko aur karte hai toh kaunsi bike ko.

  10. Salaam Khalid bhai – Ur work is superb !! My query is different from others but I am hopeful you wud give a solution. I m a handicap (polio in right leg) … Since last 4 years I am riding activa with side wheels and have take it for long rides….I am an adventure person….however dont wish to exploite activa any more so planning to buy avenger and side wheels will be done by COZI. But the problem is leg controls I.e gear and foot break. Can these foot controls be modified / altered to hand controls?
    Pls advise……


  11. Good evening Mr. Khalid Shaikh

    I have an RX100 which is very dear to me and I intend to do something special to it. Your designs have me intrigued.

    Could you please be kind as to let me know if your team would be interested in turning my black beauty into a work of art.

    I am an occasional weekend rider and would love to have a head turner stamped by ” Khalidaro Design ”

  12. Hey khalid I hav a karizmr zmr .I want to incrse d bhp and modify my side pannels of d bike wich is a obstacle to reach d top speed.

  13. Dear sir,
    How much it will cost me to modify a pulsar dtsi to a hyabusa or other sport bike.
    Please reply or call me on 8082046142.

  14. Hello team TECHNOSPOT i would like to customise my bajaj kawasaki caliber 115
    and i wanna get some assistance from u guys
    can u guys help me in doing my work,

  15. Hello sir,I want customise my pulser
    150 to hayabusa how much cost you will take please reply on 7710895998

  16. I wana customize my avenger into a chopper, need expert ORmay someone wid COOL imagination!! I’m from mumbai, andheri (E). Contact me on: 7506978397

  17. Sir i want to modify my rx100 sumting different bt nt n dirt bike n need to tube up d bike can u please call me and let me know ur feedback

  18. Sir i hav great interest in bikes and as well as in modified bikes i want to learn to make a bike as it’s my dream to create my own bike n gift my dad
    i want u to help me out of this
    If u offer training Pliz contact me on +919624563051

  19. Contact me..I want to build a very fat rear tyre chopper with straight handle using bullet much cost will it take to be contact info.,(

  20. HI Khalid, I am Sanjay from Mulund. I own Hyosung Aquila Gv250 black and red colour. I want to modify it to something very different and unique yet very comfortable to drive. How to go about it as I do not have anything specific in mind?


  22. hi this is rudra. I have pulser 220 ..I want to modify that into a imported sports bike..expenses no problem. . 9051811869

  23. Hello sir,
    I am from ahmedabad want to make few changes to 2005 Honda Unicorn like Led Head Lamp, frot Suspension setup, Rear Fenders replacement with metal one and minimalist tail lamp. Love to hear from you.
    Thanks and Good Job

  24. hello…I’m Hemal from A’bad, i have old TVS Suzuki Max R 100 original working but bad in looks….i want to refurbish it…and also do some modifications in wheels, jumpers, body work bit…i want to have detailing in all these modifications….when can i get an appointment or if possible i can send some of pics of my bike….can you send me your email of whatsapp number?
    mine is 9913374924/….

  25. Sir i have pulsar 150 .2005 model , i want to modify it to sports bike plz tell me how much it will cost my contact no 9004601088

  26. Hi frndz im willing to buy rx 100 in normal condition and plz if u are selling any rx100 in low price … me 9003729409

  27. Hi,

    I have an Avenger 220 and need to upgrade my engine performance. How much would it cost to increase and make my Touch top speed between 140-150.
    Please email me the details.

  28. Assalaamu walaiqum… khalid bhai mera naam anwar hai. Meri bike avenger 220 ko mai rear disc brake and ABS lagvana chahta hun. Pld give cotation for dat. As soon as possible…


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