Modify your bike to get Chopper look with Vardenchi

If we talk about the Choppers, it definitely isn’t something which needs an introduction, if you haven’t heard about choppers, I am sure, you have seen a couple of them may be in a Hollywood movie, on some TV show or something like that, still if you want to know about choppers, you can try this link. Well lets us start with having a look at these images of motorbikes –

Modify your bike to get Chopper Look @ Vardenchi

Liked these modified chopper looking bikes? Now let me tell you something which is going to leave you with a remarkably stronger. I am quite sure almost all of us have a wish to possess something–

“These bikes have been designed and manufactured in Mumbai (India)”

Yes, Vardenchi (By a Varde, comes from the name of founder Akshai Varde) is a motor cycle manufacturing company, this is how Vardenchi describes itself –

“Vardenchi is a company built on a strong belief in the highest levels of product quality and standard of service offered to the customer.

With most areas of custom motorcycle building like sheet metal fabrication, structural fabrication, painting, and assembly happening in-house, the team has firm control over quality and innovative designing.  Each Vardenchi is carefully designed to suit the riders every need. It is infused with a part of his personality. He chooses every detail, and the motorcycle is then built to perfection.

Stringent quality control techniques

It ensures that each machine not only looks spectacular but rides with equivalent quality. What started as the efforts of one single man, in a tiny workshop with one helper has now grown into a 12 man team with departments for each process. A sincere approach to the business. A perfect track record of great builds and deliveries keeps the company growing consistently. Own a Vardenchi today and become part of a Legacy.

According to an article in Indian Today, which talks about Akshai Varde and Vardenchi –?

Varde chops down every part of the bike; the only trace of the original is the engine. And All you need is a Royal Enfield, eight weeks to spare and a deep pocket.

So if you meet these requirements and have a desire to own a motorbike, which goes well with your unique persona, go ahead and contact Vardenchi, they have something waiting for you there. Visit Vardenchi to get the contact details. He is one of the prominent Indian Chopper bike Maker.

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  1. Hi,

    Kindly let me know if you some customizer in bangalore. i would like to customize either to chopper or super bikes


  2. Ur all bikes r so cool any guy u must be not evr thought also 2 buy bikes he will alos fal in luv wit ur choppers heads of 2 u bro sumone is there in mumbai who makes d dream out 4 chopers 2 wish others bikes all d best

  3. Hi ,
    Apacha RTR 180 , it is of white color and need white and black combination and also want to increase the leanth and new broad tyres as well , kindly provide your quatation .

  4. i have a rajdoot bike and i want to modify and restore it, if anyone have any idea then please contact me on mail id- or 7042289506. preferred location is varanasi or delhi.

  5. Hey i want to know that have u any workshop at orissa.
    If yes then tell me where is it,I want to change My bike in to Chopper.
    Pls Reply…

  6. hi boss,
    i have royalenfild model 1972.i am mechanical engineer and i have done modification on my bike but your bike is too good.i want to meet you and when you are interested to give me dealership please just send me msg.i want address and contact no. of your workshop

    you er follower sourabh nougriaya jabalpur(m.p)

  7. hi manav, i recently sale my avenger 180 and buy 220 will it ok if i go for design chopper to my new one..


  8. hi, i own a avenger 180 and want to modify it in a chopper please provide me the detail how to do it n where to do it.

  9. hi,
    i want to buy new chopper bike from u so please mail me detail of prices with types of models avaliable with ur firm. my budjet is arround 1lac.


  11. hi, i wanted to know that do you guys have your franchise base.
    as i am putting up in Chandigarh. As here people have high fever in biking,so kindly revert back.

  12. Hi I’m Shashwat from Varanasi I want to buy used Pulsur 150 or Apache 160 & then want to Modify it in Superb Super Bike like Ducati, Hayabusa but my budget is not superb My Total Budget is from 45,000-55,000. I want to buy n modify it in Lucknow or Delhi…. Plz help me in contacting the right person plz send me contact no. & my contact number is 09235135611 & 09026448501 & E-mail me @ ….. I want to buy in Oct,2010 so plz hurry up how much canon bike will cost

  13. i want to buy new chopper bike from u so please mail me detail of prices with types of models avaliable with ur firm. my budjet is arround calll me sir my no is 9850177007
    as m a serious byer n wana buy it soon

  14. @Girish, Visit Vardenchi and see what they have to offer, however, if you ask me, I think there is no point in modifying a bran new bike, better enjoy it for 2-3 years or so, and modify it later.

  15. I have a black Rajdoot 175 cc.good condition.I am trying to modify it in a new look.anyone can tell me how it possible and how I modify my bike in a new look???????????

    (please sent me some good looking model of rajdoot.I have no idea.pls help me)

    Thanking you-
    Chandranil ganguly

  16. hi i m from aurangabad maharashtra i would like to modify my calliber bike but plz somebody tell me how much it s cost?

  17. Hi Manav i want to modify my bike by myself but i did not get the 300″ wide rear tire can you help me to find the tire in India, i live in Kolkata.

  18. hi,
    i want to buy new chopper bike from u so please mail me detail of prices with types of models avaliable with ur firm. my budjet is arround 1lac.

  19. hi Akshai Varde ur 2good
    i want ur workshop contact no or add
    i have royalenfild model 1985
    iwant cotetion of choper ur cannon desig
    varde………nchi good name

  20. @Shashwat, First of all, as far as I know, your budget isn’t sufficient enough, secondly, I am not aware of any such workshop in the region you are asking for, I think there would be one in Lucknow, but you need to find it out, in case I get to know one, will definitely mail the details to you.

    Thanks 🙂

  21. Hi..
    I am planning to buy a Thunderbird. I want to customize it with a set of alloy wheels with rear wide tyre. Can you please give me any contact details of dealers?
    Also, what should I keep in mind while opting for wide rear tyre?
    I have surfed for some alloy wheel dealers, but I din’t like the designs. Whereas Vardenchi’s alloys looks real cool. Where can I get those?
    I stay in Guwahati.
    Any help will be highly appreciable..

  22. dear i like the bikes. recently i sold my bullet. i will buy the another and come 2 see u.

  23. Hey
    I would just like to know wat is the minimum price of any Vardenchi bike just to get an idea if i could afford it.


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