Moming : The ultimate place for all wud-b-mothers and mothers

We have discussed about the Do’s and dont’s in Pregnancy in our last post. Pregnancy is a stage when a lady undergoes many changes from mental to health. She looks for a place where she can ease from her anxiety and gets some relief. She has some mental imbalance and few questions which she really wants to be answered. But that’s not possible always.

What does Moming gives you?

Moming is one stop shop for all would be mothers and mothers both. The limelight of Moming is its salon.You can get the pampering here with facial, massage, hair cuts and other beauty treatments. Many of us are skin concious and get afraid of the beauty products being used.But dont worry.

At Moming all the beauty products used are non hazardous.The environment is hygienic and friendly.There is a special salon kits for the club members where the  members personalized and preferred product is kept.


The main problem that I have faced in my pregnancy period was with clothes and I believe that this is the problem that we all actually face. We always want comfortable clothes especially at this stage to fit yourself. Moming has a Morph line of Maternity wear. Lycra fabric is used in the manufacturing of the garments which allows the cloth to stretch.

Moming has a wide collection of fitness clothing, sleep wear, lingerie, infant wear etc. Apart from other collections you can have maternity pillows, privacy drape, yoga cushion, nursing equipment. (In case you are suffering from the problem of overflowing Mother’s milk please click here.)

The best part at Moming is its fitness classes and training for pre and post natal care. There are experts taking yoga and aerobic classes to keep you fit. Tell you truly the more fit you are, the more relaxed experience you will have in your pregnancy stage. Moming has a stroller fitness class for the moms.

Then you have hobby class where the mothers are encouraged with activities like knitting,  quilting, sketching and other needle work. Many of us hardly get the chance of taking  out some time from our schedule for these activities. But these activities divert
your attention from the fear and anxiety of the pregnancy stage.

The discussion form is the best part at Moming. The couples, moms and moms to be all get  together here and can discuss their ifs and buts here. Many of us really feel shy our problems with the family members. And this creates more anxiety in us. Moming has a solution here.

Moming holds a session where specialists in gynecology, pediatrics, psychology address the members. So you can have your questions answered here.

But how is Moming helping the moms here?

The moms can bring there child here and get relax. There is play area for the children fully equipped. The children are taken care by the supervisors and engaged with apt toys. This zone also helps them to learn and get creative.

So all you mothers and mothers to be this is the ultimate entertainment zone for you all. There is mini library and wi-fi connectivity to engross you fully.

Please visit to know more about Moming


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