From 1st April 2010 women or girls wearing scarves or covering their head will have to pay a penalty of Rs 50 as instructed by the MP government. MP home minister Uma Shankar Gupta trying since three years has finally implemented the order.

Women wearing scarf while riding her scootiy

As a safety measure in 2004 France has ban the use of all obvius religious symbols and apparel such Jewish skullcaps, Sikh turbans and Muslim head scarves for girls in all schools. Influenced by France, MP is banning the use of scarves by females while driving two wheelers.

The decision seems to be mix and match and smells something else. Is the decision a safety measure or evoking the sentiments of the conservative families who don’t allow girls to move out without covering?

“Suspicious elements can get away like this. Why should the young move around with their faces fully covered?” asked Gupta.

I don’t justify the above comment made by Mr Gupta. We all know that it’s impossible to bear the heat or rather the direct rays of the sun when you move out of home. For people who cannot afford cars depend mostly on two wheelers or rather cheap transport.

And a person driving two wheeler if covers his / her face to protect from the high temperature what’s wrong with that. And if you talk of suspicious elements why don’t we tighten and control our police forces? Why there are bomb blasts every second day?

It’s not raising our voice against the decision of the government. It’s being logical. And I guess the next city in line is Pune, Are you ready ?

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