Need guidance on GMAT, CAT or business ? Talk to experts @ Voicetap

Voicetap is an awesome service, which allows you to interact with the experts about the competitive exams, business process, career opportunity etc.

voicetap interact with experts

Voicetap can be seen as a platform for the aspirants who are preparing for entrance exams or a business processes etc. to interact with people who have been one of the top performers in the domain.

How does Voicetap work?

You can see the details of upcoming calls on the homepage, if you are interested in some call, then all you need to do is, click on the call details to know more about it, if you are interested in attending the call, all you need to do is, register yourself for the call. Now once the schedule of call is finalized you will be intimated via SMS, now you will have to login to get the profile of the expert who will be talking, and other details.

You can post your questions which you want to get answered during the call, relevant questions will be asked to the expert during the call by the moderator, users are not allowed to ask the questions directly to the experts, and this sounds logical enough, saves time.

There is also a provision to listen to this discussion (Podcast) online after the call is over, so if you somehow missed the call, you can always get most of the general questions answered just by listening to it.

If you want to get more insight about the working of Viocetap you can visit this page.

I must say, Voicetap is an awesome service, and probably one of its kind, so go ahead and interact with experts to get some great tips.

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  1. Good One Manav. Voicetap is striving to connect the knowledge seekers of the world to the knowledge experts of the world. Lot more happening across the segments. Keep watching the space.

  2. Great concept for this service, looking forward to watching it develop and help connect people.

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